Electric motors, Inverters, Gear motors, Spare partes, Spesial constructions, Repairs motors.

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Τρίτη 30 Σεπτέμβρίου 2014

DEMOSMOTORS S.A. Marine & Industrial Suppliers

Electric motors,  Inverters , Gear motors, Spare parts, Spacial constractions, Repairs.

DEMOSMOTORS S.A is one of the largest companies with long experience in supplying marine & industrial spare parts. Imports, represents and trades all types of electric motors, gearboxes, automation equipment and power transmission products from selected manufacturers.

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      ELECTRIC MOTORS  AC                             INVERTERS HUYNDAI                                     FLAMEPROOF MOTORS


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         BRAKE MOTORS                                       SEWAGE AIR BLOWERS                                  SIMEL BURNER MOTORS


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         FAN MOTORS                                          AXIAL FAN MOTORS                                      HEAVY DUTY AXIAL FANS



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